RestPort Technologies and NEXTlegal combine their notary solutions

Almere, May 11th 2020 - RestPort Technologies and NEXTlegal, maker of the NEXTassyst software, are combining their solutions to improve identity verification at notaries and automate data processing.
The unique combination of the DESKO PENTA scanner, ID|Analyze software and the link via NEXTid to NEXTassyst enables the notary to quickly and easily check identity documents and process relevant data in NEXTassyst.
This eliminates the need to manually check, copy and store identity documents.


The partnership between RestPort Technologies and NEXTlegal provides you with the following benefits:

  • Professional verification of all types of identity documents and checking of key security features
  • Saves time and reduces errors
  • Automatic link with relation card
  • NEXTassyst conducts VIS check
  • No more manual labor required
  • Meeting legal obligations
  • Flexible and self-determining what should and should not be monitored and stored
  • Can also be used outside office locations using the mobile app

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