Some of the projects in which RestPort Technologies is a supplier:

Verification of identity documents at notaries

One of the notary's important - and mandatory - duties is to verify the client's identity. But how do you know if an identity document is genuine? This is often difficult to determine with the naked eye.

To help notaries in this regard, RestPort Technologies and NEXTlegal have joined forces. With RestPort Technologies' hardware and software solutions, including a desktop and mobile systems, virtually all identity documents in use worldwide can be checked and - through the link with NEXTassyst - automatically stored directly with the correct relation.


The scanning solution and linking of RestPort Technologies and NEXTassyst from NEXTlegal allows you to work faster and more efficiently. You no longer need to make a copy of the identity document first, then scan it back in and store it in the relation card. You also no longer have to manually copy the data from the identity document with the risk of errors.


All of the above operations are done automatically using RestPort Technologies and NEXTlegal's scanning solution. The relevant data is automatically linked to the correct relation and stored under the relation card. In addition, a VIS check is performed immediately.

Issue access passes at the Badge Center

Under the Aviation Act, the operator of Rotterdam The Hague Airport is tasked with issuing access passes to employees and visitors to protected areas of the airport.

Before an access pass is issued, a number of mandatory security checks are conducted by the Badge Center.

Using RestPort Technologies' hardware and software, identity documents of employees and visitors who receive access passes from the Badge Center are checked and verified for authenticity.

Mobile identity verification with the Mobile App


Whether you work in notary public, law, brokerage or in security, access control, law enforcement or the private sector, it will always be necessary to review relevant document information, perform document checks and verify a person's identity.

Restport Technologies' mobile app helps you perform these tasks quickly and easily.

With the mobile app from Restport Technologies, you can quickly and easily check the MRZ and RFID chip data of modern identity documents, store them and send them to an address/receiver of your choice. Thereby, of course, if desired, with a PDF report and data export.

Also, you can directly access the matching reference document.

Especially if you are outside your office and still want to do a check and send the information to your office, Restport Technologies' mobile app is the way to go.