By verifying the authenticity features of identity documents, misuse and fraud are prevented

During the authenticity check, the ID scanner utilizes light sources (daylight, IR light, and UV light) to create various images of the identity document. These images are used to perform checks and comparisons based on a reference database with authenticity features.

Authenticity of Identity Documents

For Dutch identity documents, authenticity features can be divided into two groups. These can include both visible and invisible elements.
Except for emergency documents, all Dutch versions of the passport come with a (hard) plastic holder page. The plastic holder page contains specific authenticity features. All passports and emergency documents contain paper pages with authenticity features.


  • Secondary Photo (Stereo Laser) Visible to the naked eye
  • Tactile Relief Felt by hand
  • Kinegram Color change when tilting the document
  • Document number Perforation visible with the naked eye and backlight
  • Watermark Visible with naked eye and backlight
  • Tilted Laser Image Visible with backlight



  • Ultraviolet Fluorescent Image Visible under ultraviolet lighting
  • Microtext Visible with a magnifying glass


  • Foil With Holographic Image Visible to the naked eye when tilted
  • Second Facial Image in Emergency Passport Visible to the naked eye
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Authenticity Features of Driver's Licenses

Since November 14, 2014, a new and more secure driver's license has been issued. This license, among other features, includes a chip making it much harder to replicate. All plastic driver's licenses also contain special authenticity features. Some features are visible to the naked eye, while others require tools.



  • Tactile Relief The relief is tangible and visible under certain light conditions
  • Multiple Laser Image Visible by tilting the driver's license
  • Transparent Hologram Rotate the driver's license 90 degrees and repeat this movement
  • Optically Variable Ink Visible by tilting the driver's license
  • Sealys Edge Sealer Number is visible with the help of a magnifying glass
  • Tactile Driver's License Number The driver's license number is tangible
  • Sealys Clear Window Transparent on both the front and back
  • Microtext The microtext is readable with the help of a magnifying glass
  • Ultraviolet Printing The ultraviolet printing is visible with the help of a UV lamp
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