When using the XpertID App and its affiliated portals (websites), we may collect data and information about you and the hardware used.
This includes data that you provide to us when subscribing to a Portal or that is transmitted by the App.
We do this to improve our products and services based on the insights we gain from this, to better tailor them to your needs.


XpertID App reads and processes the MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) or barcodes of identity documents as a function, required to access the appropriate data with security features in the affiliate portal.
Among others, the type of document, nationality and expiration date of this MRZ or barcode are used. This data is stored temporarily, encrypted, on the device used.


The data displayed in the XpertID App, including images of identity documents, security features and other information, are transmitted by the affiliated Portal to the XpertID App and the responsibility of this data rests with the owner of this affiliated Portal:

  • For Idcheckcenter –
  • For RestPort Technologies B.V. –


Except when subscribing to an affiliated Portal, no personal data is provided or processed or stored by us or by the XpertID App.
The processing and provision of this data is in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch Data Protection Authority.
In addition, it is possible to view in the XpertID App the personal data contained in the MRZ and barcode and, if available, in the data groups of the chip on the identity document, including, among others, first names, last name, date of birth and document number. This data is stored on the device only if you specify it, using encryption and password protection, and for a maximum duration that you can specify.